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Complimentary Consultation

Take the First Step

Financial planning is a life-long endeavor that has to start somewhere. We believe that starting point is precisely wherever you stand today.

Our first consultation is a really important step in getting to know one another. We welcome the opportunity to share with you our investment philosophy, values and perspective. We will also discuss your financial motivations and requirements, as well as your investment experience and approach. We’ll ask about your goals and where you see your finances down the road. We may even ask you about events and milestones that you may not have been considering as part of your financial plan.

Feel free to bring any information that pertains to your individual financial situation, including investment and bank statements, estate planning documents, insurance policies and employee benefit information, net worth statements, cash flow projections, mortgage details and tax returns. From there, we can help determine how to proceed as your financial partner.

You will walk away from our first meeting with a detailed, easy-to-understand consulting services checklist, including a fee scale. When you begin working with us, the complimentary consultation is just the first step in our three-stage process:

Stage 1

  • Initial financial consultation, a one-time, one-hour meeting at no charge.


Stage 2

Consultation period, a series of two or three two-hour meetings.

  • Meeting one: Review of current investments and asset allocation, estate planning, insurance review and college planning.
  • Meeting two: Recommend investments and asset allocation, retirement planning software, distribution planning, tax review, legacy and end of life planning.
  • Meeting three: If needed continuation of the second meeting.

Stage 3

Transition to an on-going money-management client.

  • Annual, Semi-annual or quarterly investment reviews
  • Unlimited (as needed) phone calls and appointments
  • Invitations to educational seminars, phone conferences, client gratitude events, investment management, planning reviews, ongoing facilitation of taxes, estate and financial planning and more.

Finding a financial planner that you and your family want to work with for the decades to come will help you rest easier, knowing your finances are in order. We can get started whenever you’re ready.