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First Appointment

What to Bring 

It is not mandatory that you bring anything to the first meeting; however, it is helpful for discussion purposes if you have the answers to the following questions so that we can efficiently explore how, together, we can develop a structured financial plan and build a stable foundation for your future.

1) What are your financial needs and goals?

2) Do you have an estate plan (will, trust, etc.)? Date completed?

3) Do you have an accountant?

4) Do you have life, disability and long-term care insurance?

5) What is your current financial picture?

  • Do you own your home or any other property (vacation, commercial, rental)?
  • What is the outstanding balance of your first mortgage, second mortgage and/or home equity loan?
  • What are your current investments, where are they held and what is an estimated current value (bank accounts, IRAs, 401(k)s, etc.)?

6) What are your objectives for our consultation meeting?