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We offer complimentary insurance reviews in an effort to make certain you have the best insurance plan in place to help you meet your financial goals.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can be a valuable planning tool when properly designed as a component of your overall financial plan. Insurance proceeds can be a source

of funds for your spouse, children, business partners or other beneficiaries during an
extraordinary time of change. Some of the more common needs that life insurance can help with are:
• Income Replacement
• Final Expenses
• Debt Repayment
• Child Care
• College and Educational Expenses
• Charitable Contributions
• Business Continuation
• Wealth Transfer
• Tax Planning
• Long-Term Care

The products and types of policies available to consumers has evolved and continues to change.

There are two main types of life insurance available:
• Term Life Insurance – provides protection for a specific period of time
• Permanent Life Insurance – provides protection for a lifetime 

Long Term Care Insurance

Working with your financial advisor to create a personalized “Senior
Care Strategy” is an important component of planning for your financial future. Planning now may help provide you freedom, choice, control and resources for
an event that may not happen for years, if at all.

Long-term care insurance policies help pay for care when you can no longer
care for yourself. It offers protection of your financial assets, investments, legacy and inheritance.

Long-term care insurance is a valuable planning tool to address the cost of care in your home, an assisted living facility, adult day care center or a nursing home.

Disability Insurance

Disability Income Insurance can provide peace of mind knowing you could receive monthly benefits to help pay for daily living expenses in the event a qualifying disability occurs. In fact, it may even help pay for your increased medical expenses.

Disability Income Insurance creates a comprehensive insurance plan. Health insurance may cover hospital bills, doctor bills, medications, and medical treatments. Disability Income Insurance may cover food, clothing, housing, transportation, personal technology, insurance premiums, saving for retirement, college education, medical
expenses not covered by health insurance and much more. Disability Income
Insurance helps you plan for the unexpected.