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EIG Charitable Foundation

Our charitable foundation began as a conduit for our employees and community to come together. Today, it is a personal and philanthropic initiative for making a difference in other people’s lives.

In 2014, the Foundation began focusing efforts on supporting the Stand Up and Play Foundation – Wisconsin Chapter, founded by Karen Ellenbecker.

The objective of Stand Up and Play is to provide the opportunity for people without the full use of their legs to participate in activities not easily available to them. The Foundation has three “Paramobiles” available at no cost to anyone in Wisconsin.

While the Paramobile was originally designed for golfers, it can also be used in other recreation, sports and leisure activities such as fishing, skeet or archery. It will provide mobility and support required to participate in activities that require standing. The organization works with each user to provide training, arrange the activity and provide a volunteer to assist them.

To learn more or reserve the Paramobile, please visit, call (262) 695-8414, or follow us on .