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Our Process

The best investments do not start with a good plan, they start with an understanding of the person. At EIG, we assist throughout the planning process and involve our clients so they can gain both financial confidence and knowledge. From our initial consultation, through quarterly meetings and beyond, our process will focus on you.

Financial planning is a life-long endeavor that must start somewhere. We believe that the starting point is precisely wherever you stand today. Take the first step.

Step One: Complimentary Consultation

Step One: Complimentary Consultation

First, we listen. We will discuss your financial motivations and requirements, as well as your investment experience and approach. We’ll ask about your goals and where you see your finances down the road. We may even ask you about events and milestones that you may not have been considering as part of your financial plan. This is a one-time, one-hour meeting at no charge.

  • What to Bring

    It isn’t mandatory that you bring anything to the first meeting; however, it is helpful for discussion purposes if you have answers to the following questions so that we can efficiently explore how, together, we can develop a structured financial plan and build a stable foundation for your future.

    • What are your financial needs and goals?
    • Do you have an estate plan (will/trust/etc.)?
    • Do you have an accountant?
    • Do you have life, disability, and long-term care insurance?
    • What is your current financial picture?
      • Do you own your home or any other property (vacation/commercial/rental)?
      • What is the outstanding balance of your first mortgage, second mortgage, and/or home equity loan?
      • What are your current investments, where are they held, and what is an estimated current value (bank accounts, IRAs, 401(k)s, etc.)?
    • What are your objectives for our consultation meeting?
Step Two: Consultation Meetings

Step Two: Consultation Meetings

Feel like we’re a good match? This step consists of a series of two or three meetings to further discuss your objectives and out recommendations. This consultative phase results in a delivery of a comprehensive financial plan so you can confidently make the decision on implementation going forward.

Step Three: Client Transition

Step Three: Client Transition

It’s official, you’ve transitioned into an on-going money-management client. This means annual, semi- annual, or quarterly investment reviews, facilitation of taxes, estate planning, unlimited phone calls and appointments to touch base, and invitations to EIG’s educational seminars, and exclusive client events.

Finding a financial planner that you and your family want to work with for the decades to come will help you rest easier, knowing your finances are in order. We can get started whenever you’re ready.

Our Partnerships

As your financial partner, we want to help create synergy between you and all the professionals who play a role in your whole-person wealth.

We know finding the right professionals to assist in your life-long financial planning can be a formidable task. To help ease the burden, we can act as a “one-stop” resource center for introducing you to established professionals that support your ability to organize your personal and financial list.

From our own list of contacts, we can provide you with multiple references so that, together, we can find the best partners for your situation. Unlike many professionals, we do not revenue share nor collect any fees or commissions from our partners. However, we do expect them to provide you with the best possible service and resources at a very fair and competitive cost.