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To provide more efficient delivery of periodic reports and other documents relating to your Account, we wish to provide you with the option of receiving account, disclosure and other service documents electronically. To allow us to do so, we ask you to read and sign the Consent form below which will allow us to begin delivering documents to you electronically.

Consent to Electronic Delivery

You consent to our delivery of documents electronically to you for your and all accounts related to you. You understand that by consenting you are agreeing not to receive paper documents by mail. We will provide all documents by e-mail at the address noted below. If we are unable to notify you electronically, you understand we may, in our sole and absolute discretion, discontinue electronic delivery and send all account documents in paper form.

Upon our receipt of this Consent signed by you, electronic delivery will begin and will remain in effect unless revoked by us or by you. You understand that electronic delivery will expose the confidential documents to the normal risks associated with sending any information by e-mail.

There is no charge from us for electronic delivery, but online access and usage charges by your internet service or access provider may apply. Other than being able to access by computer your e-mail account via the internet, you understand there is no additional hardware requirement needed for document delivery.

You may revoke your consent to electronic delivery at any time by calling us at 262-691-3200, or in writing to N35 W23877 Highfield Court, Suite 200, Pewaukee, Wisconsin 53072. Your revocation is only effective after we receive and process your request. If you revoke your consent to electronic delivery you will receive future documents in paper form sent to the address indicated for your account. There may be a fee assessed to cover the expense of mailing paper documents.

If your contact information, such as your e-mail address changes you agree to provide the new information to us. Related account documents will be sent to the same e-mail address if applicable.

We agree to provide a notice to you in the event of any changes regarding hardware and software requirements necessary to receive account documents.

Consent will be needed by each owner, co-owner or trustee by signing below.