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Woman and Investing


Money talks -- the conversation starts here.

Most of our female clients are savvy women who have recently become responsible for managing money on their own, even though they are very astute, they realize that they do not have enough experience and confidence to make good financial decisions. Discussions focused on PE ratios and comparing the performance of different investments are not a priority, women want information about reaching their goals and future planning. 

What is interesting about these woman is that it really doesn’t matter why they are in charge of their finances; their concerns are generally the same. Will I have to change my lifestyle? Will I live longer than my money? Will there be money left for my children?

At EIG we want to educate women, who find themselves in a financial decision making role to gain confidence and feel empowered to make important financial decisions that will affect their future., states that more than 70% of married women terminate their financial advisor relationship within one year of their husband’s death. Why would anyone do that? I believe it is because they never took an active role in the decision-making process so they have no clue who they can trust or what questions to ask. 

Most families have one person that is in charge of the family’s finances, we want to change that. Together you have worked hard to raise a family, own a home and build a life, making all the big decisions together, though life’s joys and challenges, securing a financial future is a partnership too. Talking about money can be difficult for a variety of reasons mostly because men and women approach money differently. Women have sharp intuition when it comes to money; and by 2020, they are expected to control $22 trillion in assets. Ninety-five percent of women will be their family's primary financial decision maker at some point in their lives. When it comes to investing we want to encourage couples to get involved in the money conversation before a life changing event occurs.

 Life is full of expected and unexpected events that create stress and uncertainty, loss of a job, the death of a loved one, health concerns, sale of a business, divorce or care giving for elderly loved ones, when this happens…we want to be there for you and your family, this is not the time to be forced into making big decisions alone.

Navigating a path to financial security is easier and more rewarding when it’s mapped out. Being prepared is the easy answer, whether married or single, we will encourage you to assert your vision and values about money and investing. We will help you create a safe money strategy through an ongoing series for women of wealth that is designed to engage and build confidence for all our female clients.